Procrastination is slowly killing you and as anxiety takes over the mind you put off doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Jealousy comes over as you watch everyone around you following their paths. On the other side of procrastination we see it for what it is. A lack of motivation.

This week on the East coast has been anything but smooth sailing for Barefoot Smiles. We’ve had to seek shelter from a hail storm under an overpass, found leaks in the van and it’s been overcast for so long we had and almost forgot how the sun feels on our skin!

We have used the time being stuck inside to re-focus on what important to us. There has been ah-ha moments, soul searching, vision boards and getting deep in passionate conversations about our souls purpose.

We outline in this article how to overcome a lack of motivation and realise procrastinating isn’t such a bad thing.

3 tools to overcome your lack of motivation.

These tools are proven strategies giving you the ability to rid the mind of procrastination and unlocking your ability to focus on what you really want to do. Allowing you to follow your soul’s purpose. Below we show you just how these proven tools helped us to:

Overcome this lack of motivation
Stop procrastinating on our souls purpose
Open the door to the next big opportunity
Quit Your Day Job!

This opportunity doesn’t require motivation. Instead it takes the wheel and steers the driving force behind your soul’s purpose. In this moment you have the chance to take action on this opportunity. Do I slip back into procrastination? or do I trust the universe is pointing me in the right direction?

The right direction is revealed with this opportunity. Its that burning desire inside to live a life of freedom that tickles your curiosity. Once you have invested 100% of energy into your soul’s purpose, You know the thing you’ve always wanted to do, and you take action on that right NOW! You unlock a purposeful life on the other side of procrastination. Becoming not motivated, because motivation comes and goes, rather igniting the flame and following that burning desire to be free.

Use these 3 tools outlined below to open yourself up to the opportunity and follow your destined path. We want you to take them with you as you leap head first into the one thing that is most clear to you. The one thing giving you purpose, belief and the power to be free.

Stepping out of societies mould to create your own path.

Imagine falling into the nurturing bosom of the present moment. With comfort you are awake in this moment. As you trust the universe to provide opportunities for your souls purpose in this moment. You feel connected and align those opportunities with your burning desire for freedom. Lack of motivation is a way to justify not following the soul’s purpose.

Quit your day job. We did and haven’t looked back! In the beginning there were times where we didn’t know where we were going but, the desire to be free took hold and we trust in the universe as she provides for the soul’s purpose.

Discovering your soul’s purpose.

We all have unique stories. Rightly so, the universe has a unique opportunity waiting for you. It’s like she’s testing to see if you’re worthy before she presents the it.

Do I slip back into procrastination? or do I in trust the universe to carry me?

When you break down negative barriers and take action on your soul’s purpose. You consciously act in the NOW!

We don’t try, we do.

Trying leaves room for excuses. Doing, keeps us mindfully on our path – trusting that in each moment the universe keeps us on track.

The 3 tools were created to keep you on track. They are 3 ways Barefoot Smiles continues to live a lifestyle of presence and abundance. We have done all the hard work wondering if they really work. We are the proof they do. We are giving you these tools as a blueprint so you don’t have to go through and figure it out by yourself.

1. Follow your burning desire

Motivation suggest there was a lack thereof to start with. Replace motivation with that burning desire to follow your passion. If you really want to follow your soul’s purpose you will.

2. Take the opportunity

If you’re searching for the right opportunity the universe makes it pretty easy as it will always find you. Be open and have the right mindset, leap forward and grab this opportunity as your soul’s purpose.

3. Don’t give procrastination a chance

It’s in the hard times where foreseeable benefits have all but vanished. If procrastination sets in use it in a positive way to realign your path to your soul’s purpose. Remember the universe is just testing you.

Your freedom comes with an opportunity to make choices.

It’s the choice for freedom we took. We weren’t going to procrastinate in the world anymore. We took action on the opportunity and with an uncontrollable yearn for freedom, motivation was burnt to the ground. This life has now become part of us Its what we live, breath and bleed everyday.

No more are we motivated. And procrastination is now just a made up word.

It is with this burning desire we stay guided by the universe. Listening with intent and staying connected to the path. Staying present and enjoying the breath as it enters the body and exits our being.

Are you waking up every day to your soul’s purpose?

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