Living in your full feminine power allows you to create a life that is nothing short of magical.   It’s my vision that women everywhere reclaim their power and unlocked the their own magical life.

As natural health and nutrition consultant, yoga teacher, writer, and founder of the Inner Goddess Guide; I’m manifesting my vision of empowering women to transform their life, their health and the world.


Life hasn’t always been so magical for me, and I know too well the intense feelings of unhappiness and unease that come with pursuing a life not aligned with your soul’s purpose.


It’s taken everything I’ve had to break though my barriers, and face my fears, to finally be here sharing my story with you. For this opportunity, I am forever grateful.


The decision to rise up and claim your power is not a selfish one; the whole world needs your light. Journey with me, and a growing community of goddesses ready to raise you up, and start living in the magic.


So much love,


Sanae xx

Are you ready to unleash your

1. Create a sacred space

2. Harness the power of rituals

3.Connect with your vision

4.Practice Yoga

5.Get the goddess glow

6.Nourish your body

7.Find your flow

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