The Positive Impact Your Healthy Food Choices are having on the Environment. 

Our body is not the only one reaping the benefits of living a healthy plant based lifestyle. Healthy choices for our body, mind and soul are also having a positive impact on Mother Earth.
Our daily eating choices and choosing the right kinds of food has positive impacts to our environment. It proves to be one of the most effective ways to help in preserving our environment.
Here are some ways your choices are positively impacting the environment.
Buying Organic
Organic produce means your avoiding adding unwanted toxins to your body and the environment.
Toxic chemicals used in conventional farming methods have an extremely detrimental effect on the environment, deplete the soil and compromise our water supply. Making the switch will help ensure the future of Organic Farming.

Shop for Local Products

Buying locally grown produce means it has not transported long distances – reducing the carbon footprint as well as getting fresher and more nutrient dense produce. It also supports local farmer, small business and it’s often cheaper too!
It might seem like a small shift by your contributing to a better economy and a greener, healthier global environment.

Choosing Whole Plant Based foods

When we choose a plant based whole foods diet we drastically reduce or eliminate the need for process and packaged foods.
Your reducing your carbon footprint by cutting out the factory processing and not adding to landfill with endless amounts of plastic packaging.
If you do buy packaged foods (sometimes it’s hard not too) check the packaging to see if it’s bio degradable. Reusable jars and coffee mugs are great too.

Eat in Season

When we buy produce that in not currently in season in our area it has to be shipped from interstate or even overseas, oven spending weeks and sometimes months in cold storage. This process needs extensive resources and is taxing on the environment not to mention lower quality and nutrient depleted by the time it ends up in your kitchen.
Healthier You, Healthier Earth 🙂 
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