Developing a healthy eating plan and adapting to life in a van has been fun. We’ve been able to fine tune exactly what we should be putting into our bodies.

The journey has revealed some key points leading to us getting the most energy, nutrients and supplements to fuel our days. Contrast this with limited storage in the van, and we’ve found out first hand what it takes to stay healthy whilst living our lifestyle.

Now we want to share them with you!

Plan your breakfast

Getting the most important meal of the day right is essential for getting the most out of our lifestyle. We use our healthy eating plan everyday to get the most of the sunshine. Plan, Plan, Plan breakfast for the next day, before cooking dinner. For the warmer mornings its superfood smoothies and fruit salad. For the not so friendly mornings its warm porridges. Cooler mornings means we’re cooking inside the van usually we cook enough quinoa or brown rice for curry the night before so that we have some for our favourite superfood healing porridge in the morning. But thats just the start we change between porridge variations depending on what we have available, still in stock or is cheap.

Turmeric porridge
Rye oat porridge
Quinoa porridge
Brown rice porridge
Millet porridge
Cacao chocolate porridge

Low Alkaline Foods

Most foods contain high acidic levels, fish is one of them. To balance out our healthy eating plan we focus on keeping stock of lower alkaline level foods mostly green vegetables. These go great in our Green smoothie recipes, As a main ingredient in salads and a companion to any dinner menu dish. Sanae makes a killer lettuce leaf burrito with vegan and pescatarian options. Its a no brainer to stock up when we see cheap greens. Keep in mind going away for a week or two they will go off quick.

Easy to store supplements

Having a constant supply of supplements is key when those foods do run out or become old. Our Health eating plan haas us start everyday with a green drink. An alkalising recipe blend of green goodness from spirulina and chlorella. This provides everything we need to get our digestive system working first thing before yoga. Also getting stuck in a town or part of Australia where nothing is around. These supplements bring piece of mind knowing they will provide the nutrients for our activities.

Get into Superfoods

After our morning greens drink and yoga session, its time to fuel the body. Superfoods are super trendy but are also super awesome. A quick google search will show you a bulky list of superfoods but the ones we’ve found adapt best for our healthy eating plan are:

chia seed
fresh berries

The Healthy Eating Plan – Not Just Recipes

The healthy eating plan isn’t just about recipes. Have you ever taken a trip and past a sign offering roadside veggies? Next time you’re on the road Pull in! Not only will the farmer have fresh, cheap veggies but they will often be farms run by locals. Locals always have the best seasonal knowledge and great stories to go with the area. Take some time out of your day to invest in sharing these experiences and making these connections.

Keep your Jars and Containers

Saving your jars will save you money! You’ll also be looking after the environment and living with less waste! If you don’t have any jars yet don’t you will accumulate them. We bought two tubs of chilli sauce from the Byron Bay Chilli Company and are holding onto the containers for leftover curries, teas and soups. Try the Coconut Curry and Green Jalapeño with coriander as a combo and thank us later.

Buy in Bulk

We love when stores start to run out like brown rice, quinoa, grains and seeds. There’s something wholesome about shopping in a local co-op or whole foods store that brings a good feeling of self worth. Like you know you’re looking after your body. Organic and ethical dry stores, teas, specialty items, figs. The secret is if you find a volunteer run co-op make sure to spend up here. locally run by volunteers and always the cheapest. We find city co-ops are hitting that trendy market so prices are adjusted accordingly.

Plan for lunch

Lunches are generally kept pretty simple not to get in the way of our adventuring, enjoying nature, surfing, exploring or making the most of the local towns and scenery.

We fluctuate through a few ideas but again planning is key. Planning your lunch the night before leaves you with more time in the day and makes the most out of leftovers. We all know a good curry tastes better the next day. The Ocean Gypsy, Sanae has the best tasting pumpkin curry recipe that will leave all your senses with a feeling of bliss. This is something that we had to share. You can find this recipe and all the recipes mentioned above in our FREE Healthy eating plan, foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

In it you’ll find

Exactly what to eat on the road
The nutritional value of all the ingredients
A general budget with seasonal tips
Tips for getting the most out of van life
Plus all the recipes we use on a daily basis.
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Love and Light!

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