Let’s get real and beautiful!

As women we crave to be seen. Not wolf whistled and called ‘hot’ seen but really seen for the shining light that we are. We are sensual, beautiful and radiant beings and deserve to be admired for all that we are.

In the past the need to be seen took us on many different journeys and a seemingly endless search for the short lived gratification that came from the affirmation of our external beauty.

But things are different now – we understand that real beauty is not something that we can acquire from outside ourselves.

As our beauty routine becomes a sacred ritual, a way to connect with our Inner Goddess and share the light that we are with the world. Here are my goddess secrets to natural beauty. 


Eat a whole food, plant based diet
Eating an abundant of fresh fruit and vegetables in the full spectrum of colours is the quickest way to lose weight, get beautiful glowing skin and give your body the nourishment it deserves.
Use getting dress as an expression of your Inner Goddess
Wear only things that make you feel really good. Forget about what you should wear, choose that piece that feels soft against your skin or the skirt that glides along with you as you walk. And your new favourite outfit that you just can’t get enough of – wear it every day if you want too. Because if makes you happy – why not?
Lather yourself with coconut oil every single day
The result: soft skin, sun protection and delicious smell. If your want to really treat your skin mix with your favourite essential oil.
Stress does’t sit well with our Inner Goddess and this inner turmoil doesn’t just make us feel icky on the inside it manifests itself in skin breakout, lines and dull complexion. Take some time out everyday to connect with your Inner Goddess and let all our worldly situations dissolve for a while and just be still.
Yoga is so much more than a workout (although it’s amazing for toning your temple) it’s a sacred dance that simultaneously connects us to our bodies, our soul and the divine. I choose to practice and teach flow yoga as I feel the fluid movements from one posture to the next can teach us how to move more freely with the flow of life.

Are you ready to unleash your

1. Create a sacred space

2. Harness the power of rituals

3.Connect with your vision

4.Practice Yoga

5.Get the goddess glow

6.Nourish your body

7.Find your flow

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