Hello beautiful! I’m Sanae.

I’m so excited to be joining you on this beautiful journey of awakening the divine goddess within.

You can feel her stirring in the depths of your soul and you’re done with playing small. She is calling you to rise up and claim your full feminine power and unleash your inner goddess

A goddess is a woman who emerges deep within herself having explored her darkness and her light, and has learned to celebrate both.

She is a woman who has fallen in love with the magnificent possibilities within herself.

She is a woman that knows of the powerful intuition gifted to her, and is not afraid to use it.

She is a woman standing in her full feminine power. She is magic!

While deeply connected to her feminine essence, a goddess under- stands the importance of developing a harmonious relationship with her inner masculine. The Masculine is an energy of action, bringing form, organisation, and structure to the feminine. Find- ing an internal balance of these contrasting energies is essential for making our visions a reality.

Somewhere along the way, we lost balance. We became extremely busy in a world that was too hard and fast to nourish our delicate feminine nature, so we hid her away. Her cries for attention manifest themselves in emotional outbursts, irrational behavior, and sadness.

Regardless of how long she’s been hidden, your inner goddess yearns for your return home; she holds the key to unlocking a life of abundance! The Inner Goddess Guide is designed to help you unlock your fullest potential;

+ A life aligned with your souls purpose

+ Radiant beauty that emanates from within

+ Deeper connections and loving relationships

Connecting with my inner goddess has unlocked a life beyond my wildest dreams! As a result, this guide is based on my personal journey and experiences that I’m honoured and excited to share with you!

It’s my dream that women everywhere reclaim their feminine power and unlock the their own magical life.

Let’s take the first step! Sanae x


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