The powerful and mystical phases of the moon are such a beautiful reminders that cycles are a part of life. Each phase radiating it’s own unique energy before coming full circle back to where endings and beginnings meet.

I call her Luna and each time I gaze up at her in awe she leaves me totally entranced by her magic and feelings of being deeply connected.

With awareness of the powerful energy shifts each phase of the moon brings, you can begin to connect with the cycles and understand how they influence you personally.

The moon creates special energy and magic from each of its phase/cycle. The recurrent motion of the moon can be analogised with the cyclical process of a seed sprouting into a full flower in bloom and then retreating back again, or dying.

While new moon represents new beginnings, the full moon signifies fruition and celebration and as well restarting for another whole new cycle.

As you experiment with these rituals, know that you are inviting positive and incredible energies into your life.

Moon Cycle Rituals

To embrace the energy that the cycles of the moon possess, you can try these 4 magical moon rituals: New moon ritual, full moon ritual, waxing moon ritual and waning moon ritual.

New Moon Rituals
Represents beginnings, self-discover, intentions and affirmations.
This is the time to plant seeds of new beginnings and visualize what you want for the upcoming month. The energy it radiates is aligned with intention, a time for self-discovery and validate what you have reflected using affirmations.

To do this, you need to list down the things you wanted to accomplish and should be done within the 8 hours of new moon.

Full Moon Rituals

Represents awareness, realisation, experience and illumination.
Because the full moon is illuminated by the sun, use the energy of illumination to stimulate awareness and can bring yourself to many realizations in your life’s experiences.
Start your full moon ritual by simply lighting a candle and feel the pure presence of the spirit. Make a connection with the spirit and write down in a piece of paper (or use as many) to write down anything you wish to release from your life. This ritual simply means that you are releasing the energy of the things you want to let go and no longer serve you.

Then, you can ceremoniously burn the lists or bury it. You can also call out archangels and spirit guides and proclaim loudly what you wish to release.

Waning Moon Rituals

Represents communication, sharing, demonstration and perspective.
During this period, the waning moon is characterize by not totally illuminated by the sunlight. The waning moon comes after the full moon.
The energy during this period is transformative. Meaning to say, it is a good time to get rid of things such as bad habits, stresses and negative feelings. It is als a time to integrate new perspective aligning vision with feelings.

To do the moon ritual, light a candle and incense. Meditate about the things in your life that does not sync with your values. Take a piece of paper and write down everything you need to let go. Feel the vibe of your surroundings until you get the feeling of relief. When you’re done, burn the list and recite your positive affirmations.

Waxing Moon Rituals

Represents vision, preparation, efficiency and analysis.
At this time, the moon’s illumination is getting larger and the visibility of the moon’s surface increases.
This suggest that the energy is pivotal and it is a phase to visualize what you want to gain and develop. This is where ideas are developed and plans cultivated for the upcoming days. You have to take what the things that are not aligning and refine your process.
To begin the ritual, light a candle, incense and meditate and breathe deeply as the manifestation of your intention is building up.
Focus on the positive energy, feel and absorb it. Keep up with the positive energy and let your thoughts come to rest. From here, with a piece of paper, write the most important things you want in life and write it with a positive focus.
Dedicate the merit of your practice to the ultimate highest and acknowledging the presence of spirit guides.
Here is a website you can use to track the moon phases:
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